Books By Wilbur Cross

Books by Wilbur Cross by Alphabetical Order:

A Guide to Unusual Vacations (1973, Hart Pub.Co)

Action Letters for Small Business Owners (1991, Wiley)

Amway: the True Story (1999, 2001, Berkley Books)

Andrew Jackson and the Young in Heart (2010, iUniverse Books) – JUST RELEASED! This novel, based on historical fact, offers a unique glimpse into the softer side of “Old Hickory” and the romantic spirit of President Andrew Jackson. Available from iUniverse Books:  , Barnes & Noble Booksellers and

Betting to Win on Sports (w/ Wayne Allyn Root, 1989, Bantam)

Brazil: Enchantment of the World (Children’s Press)

Choices with Clout (1995, Berkley Books)

The Complete Book of Paper Antiques (Adelaide Hechtlinger, 1972, CMG Pubs)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grandparenting (1998, Alpha Books)

The Complete Small-Business Sourcebook (1998,Times Business)

The Conway Twitty Story (w/ Michael Kosser, 1986, Doubleday)

Dictionary of Business Terms (1999, Prentice Hall)

Disaster at the Pole (2000, Lyons Press)

Egypt (1982, Children’s Press)

Encyclopedia of American Submarines (2003, Facts on File)

Ghost Ship of the Pole (1972, Sphere)

Guidelines to Safe Drinking (1984, McGraw-Hill)

Gullah Culture in America (2008, Praeger Pub)

The Henry Holt Retirement Sourcebook (1992, Henry Holt)

How To Be An Informed Investor (1997, Mega-Books)

Investor Alert! (1988, Andrews and McMeel)

Kids & Booze (1979, Dutton)

Naval Battles and Heroes (1960, American Heritage Pub)

Petroleum (1983, Children’s Press)

The Prentice Hall Encyclopedia of Model Business Plans (1995, P-H)

Presidential Courage (1980, Norton) – The dramatic stories of U.S. Presidents confronted by the combined challenges of health and political crises.  Re-released by iUniverse Books: 

Retirement Planning Made Simple (1991, Doubleday)

Solar Energy (1984, Children’s Press)

Spain: Enchantment of the World (Children’s Press)

The Weekend Education Sourcebook (1976, Harper’s Magazine Press)

Zeppelins of World War I (AuthorHouse)


One response to “Books By Wilbur Cross

  1. Lisa Cross

    January 24, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    This is nifty. I’d love to read “Andrew Jackson and the Young in Heart.”


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