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Wilbur Cross, Author-Editor-Publisher  

Wilbur Cross is the author or co-author of more than 50 books on a  wide  range  of   subjects,  including, history, biography, culture, health, education, self-help, travel, and adventure. He received a degree from Yale University, and after overseas military   service, started a writing career as a copy- writer in a  New York City  advertising  firm,  and was an editor at Time Inc for ten years, during  which  period  he also contributed to Time/Life publications. His book Choices with Clout became a best-seller and has gone into publication in six foreign countries. Another well received book is Zeppelins of World War I, published in a new edition. His dramatic work, Disaster at the Pole, the saga of the crash of the airship Italia in the Arctic in 1928, has received very favorable reviews, and is published in four foreign editions. The Encyclopedia of American Submarines covers the entire history of U.S. Navy undersea craft since the first one in 1900,  written in conjunction with three submarine captains and the Navy’s top flag officer in this field. 

Cross has recently published Gullah Culture in America, the stirring story of a remarkable native population in the Sea Islands of the South and its roots in West Africa, and how a long lost culture is rising from oblivion.

Cross is a member of the Authors Guild and Time/Life Alumni Society. He currently has four non-fiction works in publication under the Authors Guild Backinprint imprint.


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